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Gas filter

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Ptfe folded filter series

Detailed introduction

TFEG ptfe folded filter seriesUse teflon film making, widely used in pharmaceutical and biological products, food and beverage industry, fermentation gas aseptic filtration. Natural hydrophobicity, double the 100% PTFE membrane structure and the integrity of the tests are to ensure absolute aseptic of medium.
Teflon filter series
Corrosion resistance of the hydrophilic ptfe liquid aseptic filter
Corrosion resistance of ptfe liquid aseptic filter
High temperature resistance of ptfe gas aseptic filter
The highest efficiency of ptfe gas aseptic filter
Filter characteristics
Selection of hydrophobic and hydrophilic ptfe membrane
Excellent resistance to organic, inorganic chemical corrosion resistance
Can be used in strong solvents, strong corrosive liquid, strong oxidizing liquid particles, aseptic filtration
Filter specifications
Standard size: 5’’、 10’’、 20’’、30’’、 40’’
Filtration precision: 0.05um、0.1um、0.22um、0.45um、1.0um、5um
Sealing ring used: silicone rubber, epdm rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber
Typical applications
1, the microelectronics industry terminal precision filtration.
2, cooling, the low temperature materials, such as: liquid methane, ammonia, and all kinds of cooling, etc.
3, weak corrosively medium for petrochemical production, such as water, ammonia, oil, hydrocarbon, etc.
4, chemical corrosion in the production of materials, such as caustic soda, soda ash, sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, acetic acid, ester, acid, etc.
5, light achievement in food, pharmaceutical production materials with health requirements, such as: beer, beverage, dairy products, medical supplies, etc.

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